Happiness and Money in Graphic Design – Infographic

Information graphics [infographics] are used to present information and statistics in a visually pleasing way.  For this project I had to look up statistics from a Design Week Survey.  I chose to do my infographics on the statistics of graphic designers and how well they enjoy their work and how much  money they make. My … More Happiness and Money in Graphic Design – Infographic

Mixed-media practice

A few months ago I was experimenting with mixed media, and I chose a sunflower as my subject because sunflowers are vibrant and simple.  Drawing paper, brown o.5 fine line, watercolor paint Watercolor paper, watercolor paint, charcoal pencil (hard 634T) Watercolor paper, 0.3 fine liner, reeves watercolor Drawing paper, watercolor paint, sharpie permanent markers, o.5 … More Mixed-media practice

Shoebox of life

Shoes speak a language and can tell you a lot about a person. And the box the shoe is packaged in tells you a lot about the shoes in the box. This project has been an ongoing process of ups and downs. Designing and coming put with the box and shoe designs were the easy … More Shoebox of life

Snack Type

  I finished this project before this past holiday season and it was not easily done.  Learning how to navigate illustrator was a mountain still not conquered but I am more confident using the program now than before. Once I figured out what I was doing I had a ton of fun recreating the type … More Snack Type